What information should you gather to file your Tax?

Gather all your information.

  • Forms W-2 from employer(s).
  • Forms 1099 from banks, issuing agencies and other payers including unemployment compensation, dividends, distributions from a pension, annuity, or retirement plan.
  • Form 1099-K / NEC 1099-MISC, W-2 or other income statement for workers in the gig economy.
  • Form 1099-INT for interest received/ health insurance premiums tax form1095A
  • Have documentation for your deductions and credits, including childcare costs, education costs 1098T, adoption costs, home mortgage interest 1098, charitable donations.
  • IRS pin number
  • Properly document all the taxes you’ve already paid, including state and local income taxes, real estate taxes, personal property taxes, and vehicle license fees.
  • Social Security numbers and dates of birth for you, your spouse, and your dependents are at hand before you start preparing your return.
  • Bank account and routing numbers

Tax season is nearly upon us. For some, it may be your first-time filing taxes. And even for those who have filed for years, taxes are not always the easiest task to tackle. Mahreen Income Tax Services offers top-notch services. Located in NYC, our team of experts ensure you receive the highest level of service and professionalism to help you reach your goals. We have Tax experts to prepare your tax return. Individual tax services are offered by tax professionals to anyone looking for a tax advisor. Our tax expert has many years’ working experience in H&R Block, IRS VITA Program.

We are proud to be full-time service providers, not just seasonal tax return preparers, so we’ll be there when you need us. Always ready to assist our clients with their tax needs. Our expertise and experience allow us to confidently help you meet your IRS compliance requirements, minimizing your tax payments, Highest Tax Refund and achieving your tax goals.

We have been a tax accountant and immigration service for many years. We have extensive experience working with clients in preparing personal and business tax returns. We know how to report w2, 1099 NEC/MISC/K, 1099R. 1099G, 2WG, 1099INT/DIV, 1098T, 1098E,1098 and many tax forms.

Also, we are specialist on Self-Employment Tax:

If you’re a freelancer, independent contractor, small business owner, ridesharing driver, taxi driver or food delivery worker and you’re looking for an expert to file your income, we ensure you Mahreen Tax is the right place for you to file your 2023 income. We will assist you with your self-employment tax deduction. We have many years of experience in filing tax returns for ride-sharing drivers, taxi drivers, food delivery workers, and homeowners’ rental property taxes. We’re offered by tax professionals to anyone looking for a tax advisor to help with their Schedule C and Schedule E. We assure you the highest tax refunds for Uber drivers, Lyft drivers, and food delivery services, and we can minimize your tax by properly filing your Schedule C. If you’re a homeowner, we can assist you with your Schedule E.

Business Tax Services

Get help with your small business and self-employed tax filing with MAHREEN TAX SERVICES. We offer a tax pro or online solution for your convenience. Our qualified outsourced preparers can help with managing tax provision preparation and reporting for middle market businesses. Our skilled advisors can assist with your C-Corporation, S Corporation, and LLC needs.

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